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Counselling for parents

Counselling for parents provides the opportunity for individuals and couples to consider their parenting in the presence of a professional relationship therapist. This can help parents feel more confident about how they parent together or apart.


Being a parent can be rewarding, but it is not always easy. Starting or expanding a family impacts the couple relationship and the individuals with it. While children can enrich our lives, it is common for couples and co-parents to experience conflict around different parenting styles or how taking care of the family is organised.


We see individuals, couples and co-parents who are considering having children, are due to start a family or who already have children. We also see clients who are unsure if they would like to start a family or whether to have another child. Some of our couples are separated or divorced and looking for help to navigate parenting across two homes.


Many of our clients are single parents who find it useful to have the support of a relationship therapist to think about their parenting.

Some of the subjects parents come to CoupleFit to talk about include:

Considering becoming parents

Ambivalence around becoming parents



Perinatal and postnatal support

Postnatal depression

Intimacy post-childbirth

Parenting relationship breakdown

Conflict around parenting styles

Loss of the couple following becoming parents

Feeling alone in the parenting relationship

Feeling excluded within the family

Challenges around children with special needs

Impact on the family of divorce or separation

Parenting around separation and divorce

Parenting together apart

Blended families

Lone or single-parenting

Impact on the couple of children leaving home

Conflict with extended family around parenting

How to build a better relationship with your children

Parenting problems

If you would like to find out more about the support CoupleFit can offer parents, please contact us.

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