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Couples counselling

Couples counselling provides the opportunity for couples to talk in the presence of a professional relationship therapist. These sessions enable the couple to ring-fence time and space to think together about their relationship. The couple therapist will aim to facilitate healthier and more constructive communication, both inside and outside the sessions.

Our job isn't to judge who is in the right or wrong. We instead take a neutral position and observe the couple from our perspective, from the outside looking in. We try to help couples make sense of why their relationship is challenging and think with them about how they can bring about change for a more rewarding relationship.

Every couple is different and faces a different set of challenges. Some of the issues our couples raise include:

Relationship breakdown

Feeling disconnected

Struggling to communicate effectively

Repetitive arguing

Difficulty recovering from arguments

A general sense of dissatisfaction

Lack of intimacy

Sexual issues



Considering becoming parents

Considering marriage


Issues of trust

Cross-cultural challenges

Affairs and betrayals

Postnatal depression

Family issues

Conflict around parenting

Loss of the couple following becoming parents

Problems with extended families

Ambivalence towards the relationship

A wish to consider separation or divorce

Work-related stress



Relationship breakdown

It may be that you would feel more comfortable talking about your relationship without your partner present and that you would prefer to have individual counselling.

If you feel the problems you are experiencing in your relationship are particularly related to having children or parenting, you might like to consider counselling for parents.

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